New Orleans!

by William Mclaughlin March. 24, 2014 2638 views

Everybody who comes to Louisiana has to spend at least one day in New Orleans and we made our visit on the 14th of March. The weather was perfect. Here we are on our way taking an elevated highway and heading south over the swamps.

That's Lake Pontchartrain off to the left of the causeway.

The sign tells us we are getting closer by the minute.

This is our first glimpse of the downtown skyline with the Superdome in the center. The Superdome is where one of our favorite football teams plays…The New Orleans Saints led by Drew Brees.

New Orleans is surrounded by water. Here we are going over the Mississippi River. The bridges are really high to allow ocean going vessels to pass underneath.

That's the bridge we just crossed over. The buildings to the right are part of the downtown New Orleans business district.

This is the Riverwalk and Trolley Line a block away from the French Quarter.

The day was delightful…people and cars galore.

Tara in red with our friend Kathy as we enter the first block of the French Quarter.

Lovely old but up-to-date apartments with large decks and big storm shutters. We loved the buildings of many colors.

Looking down a typical side street…this one is St. Phillip Street.

Ironwork, flowers and some huge Mardi Gras beads.

Somebody had a bubble machine going up on the top deck.

And here was the treat of the day. This is none other than Doreen Ketchens also known as Doreen the Clarinet Queen and Lady Louis. She was fantastic! And playing for free in the street with her own jazz band.

Tara (remember the red shirt) caught in Jackson Park with the famous St. Louis Cathedral in the background.

And Andrew Jackson, the Hero of the Battle of New Orleans, also caught in front of the Cathedral. He's been waving that hat steadily since some time in the mid 1850s.

This is a daily occurrence. Artists selling their wares and fortune tellers gazing into their crystal balls for those willing to pay the price:)

Let's see, four trombones, two trumpets, a cornet, a tuba and a set of snare drums. And boy could these guys play! No need for an IPod and headphones around here.

More happy folks near Jackson Square.

Every day is a party.

That's Bill and our friend Robert. No they didn't buy a tutu:)

On the way home we just had to stop at one of the famous above ground cemeteries. The water table is so high that anybody buried below ground is sooner or later just going to pop right back up at some very inopportune time.

We had a grand time and look forward to a return visit one day.

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Kenny H 5 years, 6 months ago

Excellent photo journal....looks like you had a ball!

5 years, 6 months ago Edited