Fort Morgan and the Gulf Coast

by William Mclaughlin April. 13, 2014 1510 views

Our campsite at the Blue Angels Navy Rec Area was right on Perdido Bay. The near shore is Florida, and the far shore is Alabama.

The state line runs right through the Flora-Bama bar.

Fort Morgan is on a barrier peninsula in Alabama. Missing out on the ferry from Dauphin Island meant we drove through Florida to get back into Alabama!

Gulf coast casinos and hotels line the beach.

We liked this one!

Across the water is Fort Gaines. The two forts protected the entrance to Mobile Bay.

The postern is a connecting tunnel through the glacis. (That's what the brochure says!) By the way, Mandy was welcome to visit the fort along with us and had a great time riding around in her dogger seeing the sites and sniffing all the wonderful smells.

Between the outer wall and the main fort is a dry moat. Fort Morgan is built in the shape of a star, or a pentagon.

Standing in the dry moat, looking at the main entrance. Pretty fancy for a brick fort!

Fort Morgan's citadel burned during the Civil War. It was basically round, and sat in the center of the open area inside the fort's walls.

If you click open the large view of this image, you can read more about the citadel and its demise.

Another Endicott battery (ca. 1898) plunked down inside the walls of an 1820s fort. This is Battery Duportail. It sits cattywampus from one corner to the middle of the next straight wall.

More information on Battery Duportail.

The stairs that take you to the top are a whole lot steeper than the ones at Fort Gaines or Fort Pike! OK, so this is our third old fort…don't forget there is a test on these at the end of this blog entry:-)

Inside the outer walls of the fort. These rooms are called the casemates, each one housed a cannon back in the day.

These old brick forts leak. A lot. Lime from the mortar dissolves, forming stalactites and stalagmites.

Here are a few stalagmites forming on the floor of a doorway.

After leaving Fort Morgan, we drove back into Florida and stopped at the beach to wade in the surf of the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf Coast surf. The water is about 65F … plenty warm enough to wade and enjoy the beach!

Next … Bill's trip to the Naval Air Museum!

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