Australia... The beginning of a long journey

by Bngrtw April. 17, 2013 1915 views

Having watched scores of episodes of Border Security [], it almost felt a bit disappointing to get through Customs at Sydney without any problem.

We were a bit daunted about the time we would spend in Oz, considering that we knew for a fact that it is a very expensive country, where most backpackers resort to enrol as farmhands to be able to cover their expenses.

Still, we were in Sydney, only a few days into 2013 and already enjoying a great summer. You will see in the Harbour Bridge/Opera House composite how glorious the weather was.

Our plan for a month in Australia involved trying to find some source of funds for a few weeks, then get to Adelaide in the South and, from there, drive up North to Darwin, through the legendary Outback and diverting to see Uluru, the red rock wonder that takes the role of Australia's belly button.

On our first weekend in Sydney, B's passport got damaged, becoming unusable… This called for a change of plans!

Thanks to the Spanish Consulate in Sydney's professionalism and effectiveness, we were forced to stay for a full week in this beautiful, but prohibitive metropolis (Just to have B's fingerprints taken, a 2-minute job. The passport itself would still not be ready for another month). During this time we spent money, but we also took the chance to get to know the city and surroundings. We even had a chance to visit the Blue Mountains to the West, where we took today's second pic, of the formation known as Three Sisters.

Around the famous Harbour and beaches of Sydney, we also started getting the first warnings from the local fauna, as you will see in the last two pictures. They say Australia is full of things that are out to kill you…

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David Cardona 7 years, 3 months ago

Great views from amazing country! I added last one into my favorites. Thanks a lot for sharing!

7 years, 3 months ago Edited