Journey through nowhere

by Bngrtw May. 11, 2013 2043 views

After traversing Australia's East Coast all the way up to Cairns… We took a plane back to Sydney!

The plan was to be there for 3 weeks, staying with F at her friend M's house, whilst saving up some money. We enjoyed the city with them and ended our stay with a newfound love for burritos, Oz style.

Then it was time to get another plane to Adelaide, in South Australia. Our plan was to rent a campervan and drive all the way up to Darwin, on the Northern Territory, through 4.000 km of outback!

This kind of drive is not to everyone's taste, but for us it would be one of the big highlights of our trip.

Of course, you have to enjoy averaging 600 km per day on the road, with conditions as shown on pic 1. You also need to be ready to withstand sights like that on pic 2, whilst feeling reassured.

For once, we were “lucky” with the weather. Over the previous months, we had too many times when rain & clouds had not been a welcome sight, but here in the desert they made the trip much more bearable (the day before heading off, we had actually been joking in the heat of Adelaide about being sure it would rain in the desert, since we were coming!!!)

We enjoyed kms and kms of desolate landscapes, had peaceful starry nights in the middle of the desert (sometimes a bit scary for G), we saw emus, dingoes, camels… and were hoping to see LOTS of kangaroos (we heard there are 3 kangaroos to every Australian). However, after 2 days on the road, we hadn't seen even one. Only kangaroo warning roadsigns like the one on pic 3.

We couldn't believe we would have such bad luck: crossing the Outback and seeing no kangaroos. But then, on the morning of the 3rd day, they started showing up in scores.

Pics 4 & 5 show a couple of them. The first one looks like he was about to put a fight, but he hopped away just like the second one.

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