Not a postcard from Uluru

by Bngrtw May. 12, 2013 2241 views

Halfway through Australia, the spinal Stuart Highway reaches a junction with a westward road.

Follow that road for about 300 km and you will reach the mythical centre of Australia, where Uluru (or Ayer's Rock) stands huge and red against the background of the desert.

This very dry area sees rain about 2 days per year, so pictures like the ones we show today are not seen very often.

The bad weather was a bit of a bonus, as thanks to it we could actually see waterfalls pouring from the top of Uluru. Also, the rock had some beautiful blue tones contrasting with the usual red.

Climbing on top of Uluru is permitted, and many people go there mainly for that, but the fact is that this rock is most sacred to the Aboriginal people, and they very kindly ask you not to climb (some of their deities live on top of the rock, so they also don't climb). Given the situation, it's a pity that climbing is not just banned. We were happy not to climb (and the weather wouldn't have allowed it anyway).

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Paolo Martini 7 years, 1 month ago

Wonderful place ... beautiful shots !

7 years, 1 month ago Edited