Big cities in Asia

by Bngrtw May. 23, 2013 2578 views

So after saying goodbye to Oz, we arrived in the city-state of Singapore. Everyone is proud there of the city's order, cleanliness, safety, etc… It's also apparently a great place to do business.

… But we didn't quite find what we were looking for in Asia. Anyway, here's a picture of the skyline.

Soon after, we crossed the border to Malaysia, and only 4 hours by bus from Singapore is another massive modern city: Kuala Lumpur (or KL, as the locals love to call it).

Although it's also full of Shopping Centres and big money, it already felt more “real”. There seemed to be more life going on around its streets.

Not only did we see the famous Petronas towers, pictured, but we also got the first taster of a temple inside a cave. There are many such temples scattered around Asia.

This particular one is known as Batu Caves. There are 217 steps you have to climb before reaching the cave. The temple is dedicated to Hanuman, the monkey god, and there are LOTS of monkeys everywhere, terrorising the people and generally misbehaving.

If you look well into the picture, you may see some little dots on the stairs. Those are the monkeys! :P

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