The new capital of the Khmers

by Bngrtw June. 01, 2013 2427 views

Since we had spent an unplanned week in Borneo, our travel itinerary had to change. We thought we would cross overland to Thailand from Malaysia, then to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Instead of that, we decided to fly to Phnom Penh directly and do the same loop but counterclockwise.

Phnom Penh is a relatively small city on the banks of the Mekong river. Surprisingly, it's also very cosmopolitan and has lots of things going on. Among other things, we went to the Cambodian-German Cultural Centre to see a documentary about the different South East Asian puppetry traditions… And to a fashion show!!!

However, the recent past [] can't just be forgotten, so one thing everyone reminds you that you need to do when you go there is visit the infamous Killing Fields. There you learn History at its most profound.

Back to the present, and traffic is absolutely chaotic, so we thought it would be wise to learn how to ride a bike there! Ignorance is bliss…

Fortunately, we are happy to say that we succeeded, and had no accidents at all, despite the initial fear.

We are not showing pictures of the traffic, as it's hard to take a good one (too much movement). Instead we start with a deceptively calm picture taken on the grounds of the Cambodian Royal Palace. Following this, a graffiti (we haven't shown any graffiti for a long time) of a modern Apsara [].

If you don't dare to ride a bike, and are ready to spend a bit more money, you can always take a tuk-tuk, which is the most popular means of transport for tourists and locals alike, in all of South East Asia. Our third picture shows a tuk-tuk driver having his hair cut in the middle of a busy street.

Last but not least, the favourite snack of the Khmers: fried crickets (with chilli)!

Yes, we did try it, and yes, it was very tasty indeed :)

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