Same Mekong, different country

by Bngrtw June. 07, 2013 2530 views

First of all, an announcement: It's only 5 days left until we fly back to London (15th of June). It's going to be a shock, after 9 months roaming the world and trying to blog about it.

We still try to get things up to date here, and to that end we are leaving out a few things from Cambodia, like the time we spent in Battambang (where we rode - and we mean “rode”- the world's only bamboo train [] and saw 3 million bats coming out of a cave every day at 18:00, adding a layer of meaning to the city's name), the Khmer new year, which we celebrated partly in the beautiful island of Koh Rong, and partly in the resort town of Sihanoukville, and also our great travel companions during our time in Cambodia: M from the Netherlands, J&L from the UK and our homeboy V from Madrid!

Anyway, on to Vietnam! We crossed the border overland, and after a bus ride that was too bumpy, we reached the city of Cần Thơ, in the Mekong Delta. In Phnom Penh, we had already seen the banks of this massive river (flowing from China, then crossing through Laos, Thailand and Cambodia, then reaching the sea in Vietnam), and we would see it again after a few weeks.

But here, in Cần Thơ, what tourists do is a boat trip through many of the small canals and tributaries of the delta network, visiting floating markets and plainly watching delta life go by. Today's pictures are all from that trip.

And although most people do the boat trip and then head straight to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City, HCMC), we found Cần Thơ so pleasant and welcoming that we decided to stay there for a couple more days. We enjoyed great food and coffee, and just hung around with some local people, very few tourists, if any!

It really felt like the best way possible to start our Vietnam trip. 100% recommended!

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