Standing Tall

by James Bokovoy January. 07, 2017 2600 views

What do you stand for? I read some time ago that "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything!" This modern, anonymous quote should make us pause and think. Are you willing to stand for what is right and good, no matter what the storms of life may bring to you? These life storms will often bring symbolic winds, waves and fires that will challenge you to your foundation on life's journey. Will you stand tall? Are you willing to be accountable for what we are called to be good stewards of in this life? Are you willing to be intentional about your life choices. Are you willing to step up and be a voice and advocate for those who have no voice? When I travel and spend time in nature, I often think about and reflect on questions like these. As I spend time behind my camera, exploring the world around me, I soak up everything I can. While I can. Time is precious. Life is precious. You are precious. And our world and its resources are precious. Looking up at these sheer cliffs, rising up from crashing waves, I take notice to the fact that they still stand tall and proud. Even though time has brought countless number of storms with blowing rain, howling wind and huge, crashing surf to  attack these mountains from their summits to their bases, they there teaching me lessons of life. 

Standing tall and proud on Kauai, the Na Pali Coast provides the opportunity to step back in time, catching glimpses and providing our senses with what Hawaii must have been like hundreds, even thousands of years ago. From Ke’e Beach on the north shore to Polihale State Park on the west side of the island these rugged cliffs, golden beaches and warm waters stretch for about 17 miles providing eye candy for all to enjoy. "Na Pali" means "the cliffs" or "many cliffs" in the Hawaiian language. As soon as you come around the corner from Ke'e Beach and this view unfolds in front of your eyes, you realize that Na Pali is the perfect name for a perfect place. Mountain ridges and gaping valleys fill your vision on the left as they seem to fall from the sky and tumble into the warm, Pacific Ocean that stretches to the horizon in front of you. Along these ridges, valleys and beaches the incredible and at times, the treacherous Kalalau Trail follows this beautiful coastline for 11 breathtaking miles. Rising up from sea level to heights of 4000 ft, this rugged coastline provides incredible views from land, sea and air. This trail rises and falls in elevation as it weaves along the coast bringing your soul closer to old Hawaii with every step. Huge surf crashes and slowly erodes the base of these mighty cliffs every winter when weather patterns bring huge surf to the north and west shores of the Hawaiian Islands. I wanted to post this image to provide a perspective to my previous posts on this blog. In the future, I will post more images of the Na Pali coastline giving you both a wider perspective and more intimate close-ups of this amazing stretch of planet earth. Images and stories about my experiences on Kauai will come from all four seasons so that we can taste, see and "experience" what an incredible island Kauai is. 

This blog will not just contain stories and images from Kauai or Hawaii, but from all my travels and experiences. I do hope that you enjoy these posts and our journey together as we blog around the planet. 

Warm sunset light highlights crashing surf along the Na Pali Coast on the beautiful island of Kauai.

Cliffs & Surf

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Michal Drapáč 3 years, 10 months ago

perfect photo, just wow, wonderfully captured

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James Bokovoy Replied to Michal Drapáč 1 year, 7 months ago

Thank you. Sorry that I am just replying.

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