Serengeti Gold

by James Bokovoy May. 26, 2019 241 views
Southern Serengeti shares some magic and special moments.

Southern Serengeti shares some magic and special moments.

A few years ago I enjoyed a Tanzanian safari with several friends. We had spent a week up in the mountains of Chome, Tanzania, primarily on a medical mission trip. From minor surgeries, dental procedures, medical check-ups, eye exams and optical services to providing a kids/youth Vacation Bible School program, we all had an incredible week serving the people of Chome. We also checked up on previous projects like a water pipeline installation and garden development at the local school. After a great week in the mountains several of the team loaded up into a few Land Cruisers and headed off for some rest and relaxation. We visited Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater National Park and Serengeti National Park. The lodges that we stayed in were incredible. From a mobile tent camp in the southern Serengeti, to permanent tent structures just outside of Tarangire N.P., to the absolutely wonderful Ngoronogoro Crater Lodge set on the rim of the extinct volcano. The AndBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is a treat to stay at and we were able to do so at an incredibly reduced rate. It pays to know people that know people. I highly recommend Rare Africa Travel and its owner/operator/tour guide, Michael Shotii! He is a caring, fun, knowledgeable guide the places his guests and their needs at the top of his list. If you are interested in traveling to Tanzania, and other places in Africa, please leave me a message and I will be happy to put you in touch with Michael.

This image was captured on the southern Serengeti plains after passing rain showers skirted our safari group. A few sprinkles of rain to refresh us and wash some of the African dust off our faces, then those showers provided us with another gift as the sun broke through and brought a rainbow to life. After each person captured the rainbow with their own cameras, I was able to create a group portrait under the double rainbow. This is a moment that is special to so many people and when I see members of our group from time to time, this is one of the moments that is always remembered and talked about in a good way!

I am thinking to myself as I write these words, that I must return to Africa very soon. I cannot be gone too long anymore and find my self returning to this amazing continent every 18 months or so. I am sure that Michael would enjoy a couple weeks of safari with his rafiki!

To Michael, Rare Africa Travel and Tanzania, Asante kwa zawadi!

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