Eye Candy

by James Bokovoy October. 14, 2019 153 views
Beautiful light on the coast of The Garden Isle, Kauai.

Beautiful light on the coast of The Garden Isle, Kauai.

"Eye Candy"

A soft, candy colored sky and silky smooth waters swirling around the lava boulders filled me soul with peace. It was a magical evening that developed kind of slowly, but was gone too quickly.

One of my favorite places on Kauai to watch the transition from day to night is along the exquisite Na Pali Coast. On this particular evening the wave action had slowed down a lot as the swell was quickly dropping. The light looked like it might produce some amazing colors, so I moved positions and set up my tripod for a few compositions of the rocks, water, cliffs and sunset. I kept one eye on the ocean for any swell that might be larger than what I had been noticing for the last hour or two. Carefully, I placed the camera on a tripod and slowed down the shutter speed, leaving the shutter open long enough to capture movement in the passing clouds and soften the surf crashing and swirling around the rocks.

I've found through my love of photography and time out in the field, that when we slow down we are able to see things differently. We are able to see things that take time to happen and time to notice. When I manipulate the length of exposure with my camera, whether long or short, we can see through the cameras eyes things that our human eye can not notice, but our mind can imagine. I believe that it is good for us to slow down in life, get out in nature and just soak up the special moments. Take time to pause and really search for, with all our senses the things that most people pass by too quickly. Get outside and just be still, pause, enjoy, soak up, share moments with loved ones, new friends and cherish the slower things in life. For the slower things in life will be gone too quickly. Slowing down will develop a deep sense of gratitude and thankfulness that you will carry with you always. When you are a grateful and thankful person, that attitude is contagious.

Go ahead, be contagious your attitude and actions just might be the Eye Candy that someone desperately needs to experience.

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Russell Smith 1 month ago

Beautiful and serene. I love the philosophy.

1 month ago Edited
James Bokovoy Replied to Russell Smith 1 month ago

Mahalo Russell for your reply.

1 month ago Edited
Antonio Gil 1 month ago

That's an amazing long exposure picture

1 month ago Edited
James Bokovoy Replied to Antonio Gil 1 month ago

Mahalo Antonio. I'm stoked it turned out.

1 month ago Edited
Heike 1 month ago

Just beautiful!

1 month ago Edited
James Bokovoy Replied to Heike 1 month ago

Thank you very much

1 month ago Edited
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