Mirage of The Phoenix

by James Bokovoy November. 06, 2019 336 views
Sunset on a beautiful, rocky, Kauai beach

Sunset on a beautiful, rocky, Kauai beach

Mirage of The Phoenix

It often seems that on this fantastic island, we could be living in a different world and time. As I have hiked and explored, Jurassic feelings often overwhelm me. Sometimes it feels that I move from a Jurassic time to a medieval one. Hikes take me through the thick, colorful jungles, long, soft beaches, deep, rugged canyons, and up to the edge of expansive vistas. Dragons, fairies, and the phoenix seem to be watching me from the shadows. So many things contribute to these unique feelings. It's in the wind, waves, clouds, rain, sunshine, rainbows, and mist that also calls this special place home. Some say its the mana or power of the place; others say it's a gift from Creator. I believe it's both. Either way, the beauty, strength, and fragility call and connects to almost all who set foot on its shore. This land is peaceful, healing, renewing, and energizing all in one magical breath.

Since I usually stay out on my rock until after dark, I look for new ways to communicate the narrative of the place and moment. I move around for fresh compositions. Moving my gear from one spot to another, I slow things down a bit, but it seems that I work faster than when capturing the explosive power of the waves. As the light and colors fade into the evening sky, the camera can pull more light through the lens and onto the sensor. In effect, it sees things that our human he does not. I engage my imagination and place my creativity in overdrive to "see" beyond what my eye is telling me.

On this evening, there was still the exploding wave action I love to capture. I was hoping to capture that movement and energy by slowing the speed of the camera's shutter and creating a more fluid emotion. I play around with compositions and settings, usually really messing things up and not being satisfied. In these moments, you have to learn, think, and create quickly. One thing great about the digital world is that feedback is instant, and adjustments can be made almost instantly in the field. Even with the speed and efficiency of input from modern camera systems, details are often overlooked. When I was editing this image, I noticed that the slower shutter had helped to create a beautiful mirage along the edge of the cliffs. To me, the mirage resembles a Rising Phoenix beginning its journey into the colorful, fading twilight of the Land of Dragons.

Maybe you see something different? Maybe the same?

Enjoy a great evening and live Aloha,

James Bokovoy

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Buster Bruce 1 year, 5 months ago

Thanks for bringing us into this heavenly world!

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