A Colorful Blur

by James Bokovoy March. 26, 2020 172 views

"A Colorful Blur"

In our homes, in our communities, on our island, in our country and our world, it truly feel like things are happening so fast right now. Things have accelerated to a blur, but please take pause. Slow down and enjoy time with your Ohana. Learn some new skill, instrument or language. Finish those things that you have been putting off because you "just don't have enough time!". Finish that book, start another one. Write letters, texts and emails to others. Reach out to people and share your aloha with them. We have to do this together because we are in it together. Connect or reconnect with your higher power. For me, that is enjoying a daily relationship with Jesus Christ. But if you are of another belief system, please make sure that you stay connected and reach out to other fellow believers. Let's be there for each other. Share the light and aloha with others. So let's do this together, Island Style, Everyone, please do your part. Follow the health recommendations on staying healthy and flattening the curve. We got this! Just like this image that I created recently of the beautiful Rainbow Eucalyptus on Kauai. I decided to embrace a different viewpoint and paradigm in seeing this image. I open to the change and found that there is color, light, energy, emotion, delicateness and beauty in the blur.

Sorry for rambling my friends, but I care for this Ohana on Kauai Life. This page has been a blessing and brought joy, new clients, new friends and new inspirations for me. So for that, Mahalo Kauai Lifer's.

Please stay safe and stay tuned. I will have an announcement soon.

Remember, Aloha is contagious. Share the Aloha!


James Bokovoy

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Buster Bruce 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Thanks Bro

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