"Kilioe's Kingdom”

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"Kilioe's Kingdom" in the Kingdom of Hawaii

"Kilioe's Kingdom" in the Kingdom of Hawaii

"Kilioe's Kingdom"

At the beginning of Na Pali coast, the incredibly beautiful beach called Ke’e will be found. Like all areas of the islands these lands are sacred and there are many places that are of special significance and are truly sacred lands. Kaulu o Paoa heiau dedicated to Laka, the goddess of hula. which means “inspiration of Paoa,” is one of those sacred and special places. Located high above the crashing surf, it was a sacred school of hula.

(I encourage you to do some research on these beautiful and sacred places. Know before you go and know IF you CAN go. Please respect culture. When in doubt, don’t go. - I will put a couple links at the bottom of this post for those that desire to learn more).

Far below the heiau, rests a huge stone near the crashing surf. This stone called, Kilioe, contains many small holes in which Hawaiians used to deposit their newborns’ piko (umbilical cords) in the hope of securing long life and divine protection for their children. Pohaku Kilioe, was created when Kilioe, a female mo‘o (water spirit) was turned to stone. In its crevices, Hawaiians still place the excised umbilical cords of their children. It close to this great stone, that I recently stood facing another beautiful, Kauai sunset on Na Pali. As I stood there, soaking up every moment with all my senses, I reflected on the sacredness and beauty of where I often find myself. In fact, as I write these words, this is one of those sacred places where I have always gone to find myself and appreciate the beauty of nature. I know that I am blessed to have experienced countless days filled with passing rain showers, colorful rainbows, warm sunshine, amazing crashing waves, and salty breezes that cool my skin as I stood on the doorstep of "Kilioe's Kingdom”.


Island History for Friday, June 5, 2009

By Hank Soboleski - The Garden Isle


Aloha Friday my Kauai Life friends.

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