Going To Craig Hospital To Get My New Chair Fixed

by Kim September. 04, 2009 1375 views

The highway was so busy until we got up to the stadium.

Rachel got a call from Jeremiah and was pretty good at talking and driving at the same time!

We made it to Craig and were amazed to find a parking place.

This is the outpatient enterance to Craig Hospital where I have come some many times in the past 12 years.

Here comes Carol all ready to go to work! She is one amazing, sweet lady.

Down on her knees, Carol figures out a way to lengthen the seat.

Just Hanging Around!

Hi Rachel!

We found out today that Carol is a chocoholic too and loves Chocolove chocolate bars.

We didn't leave until 5:30 and as you can see, the parking lot was empty.

Rachel had her hair cut a couple of days ago and it looked so pretty!

I felt just terrible that Rachel did not leave to go home until 7:15.

Rachel always has a smile on her face…

She does a pretty good job at backing up the driveway and an excellent job at backing into the garage too.

Drive carefully and roll up your windows!

Goodbye Rachel!

Now I can finally say what this was about…we went to Dairy Queen to have a cake made with Michael Jackson on it for Nikki's birthday party. I was afraid that she would see this if I had put it here beforehand!

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