by Kim September. 25, 2009 680 views

Wow, what a long day! Mark dropped me off at physical therapy and Rachel picked me up. We went to lthe Pharmica and Tuesday Morning and then to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. We went over to another store and then over to Nikki's house to pick up the cookie dough that we ordered from Tristan for his school. We left there and went home so that Rachel could get home for dinner.

Nikki and Tristan come bearing cookie dough for us to take home.

Wow, we are going to put on a few pounds by the looks of those boxes!

Nikki looks at the new shirt that Rachel got at the store and ….

she told Rachel it looks just like what she would wear.

There goes all of the neighbor hoods!

There were quite a few airliners flying low over Broomfield, they must have been using another runway to land on.

Here comes Jerry out of the house!

Jerry and Noah decide to help rake the yard.

Jerry decides to do a whole bunch of back flips…

Rachel checks to see what her tires look like before she leaves to go home….

and she starts giggling when her dad tells her that the car needs to be sent off to the junk yard.

Andy sits in the window on the left crying because he wants to come out with al of us!

See you later Rachel!

We watch as Rachel and her car putts up the driveway.

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