Family Time

by Kim March. 04, 2012 1110 views

Our house was filled with kids..we enjoyed it so much!

Lily gets a spoon from her grandpa and holds a plate of pie in her hand to eat right away!

Mindy and Jerry cutting into the pies and handing them to the little kids.

There is nothing better than a slice of pie after dinner.

Jerry and Lily eat their pie while two little girls watch from behind!!

Auntie Nikki shares her pie with Tatum while Tim shares with Makayla.

Three young ladies enjoying their desert.

Hey Tristan, are you enjoying your pie over there?

Rachel shares the recliner with Jeremiah…

I'm not sure what Mindy was saying that had everyone listening…..

Tatum puckers up while Amelie grabs her little face.

I love you Amelie!

These two cousins are going to be good friends for life!

I love you Tatum!

Lily isn't very happy about having to go home, she loves her cousins and misses them.

Goodbye Mindy and all of those girls too!!

Ammy finds a puddle of water…

Hope you start feeling better Tristan.

Goodbye Nikki, Tim, Tristan ,Jerry and Makayla!!

Goodbye Jeremiah, Rachel and Amelie!!

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