Deer and Andy

by Kim April. 18, 2012 1146 views

Thank goodness we were able to stay at home today, my throat is hurting and I am hoping that it is not a big deal. I'm also very tired too. Mark spotted dear up in my garden so when I opened up the door they went back over the fence onto the road. It is impossible to keep them from eating tulips. Andy hung out down here with me so that I could get caught up on my photoblog.

The yearling deer just watched me while her mother stayed close by.

She started to get worried and….

jumped over the fence to be with her.

Andy came down into my office to see what I was up to.

Oooh, I smell some catnip in that bag!

After I sprinkled some catnip on the cover, Andy became delirious and feel asleep.

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