From Boston to Santander

by José Rubén Vazquez September. 29, 2016 1318 views

There I was, arriving at the airport in Madrid realizing that I had made it. For the first time in my life, I was setting foot on new soil. I had arrived at the historically and culturally rich autonomous region of northern Cantabria, where the sea breeze is always steady and every corner of the city and country has a rich piece of history both locals and tourists have embraced. I couldn't believe I had landed in Spain. Traveling to another country was a big dream of mine, and Bunker Hill Community College made it possible for me. 

While I was in Santander, I was reminded how equally important it was to respect and better understand the local culture and values was as is traveling by foot in search of the best tapas y cañas. I learned in Spain when you agree to meet up with someone at a specified time and place, it's okay to be late. It's alright that the bus was running late or that you had to walk


your dog around the park and showed up 15 minutes past the agreed time. It's all good in Spain. Locals and the like don't sweat the small stuff. Here in America, if we're not at a place by the time that was agreed upon, we assume the worst case scenario occurred instantly. 

With all this being said, I can go on about how incredible my experiences across northern Spain were, but these photos do a better job at painting the picture. Please enjoy. 

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