Mom's Language

by José Rubén Vazquez October. 12, 2016 807 views

Hello how are you? My family don't call me. Don't like hear voice. Mom. I'm asking. God. GOD. Please take me. I just have Charie around me on drugs. Loosing my home. Loss my furniture. Coming to my home to try to kick me out smoking. Marihuana in my home. She's in streets homeless your sister is abusing me. 14. years my own daughter. No one rent her or rent Julio they're criminals. Whos around me to defend me? Just God. God. Take me from this hell I'm living no family no love don't come if I die please too late don't celebrate my funeral please. 

*The next morning

Hello_________ I love you. I can't go sleep for 2 days. Wow is feel horrible pray for me. I don't know why is my brain if I die please don't come I cannot see you. Tell your dad I try to see him before my dead. Tell your dad I cannot sleep for 2 days. I'm waiting to see you and see him. If I die please tell Pepito not necessary to him come. I'm waiting on him since 2004. He abandoned me at Florida. He's stepbrother Luis Nieves is very sick tell Pepito Sweet Springs Street. Dad Luisito is alone dying too.

Mom loves Angels

Taken in Spain 2016


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