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Brenda is an art photographer based in Durham, NC. She has loved photography, music, and writing since elementary school. She specializes in history subjects, fine art portraiture, and purrtraits (cat portraits).

Originally trained as a musician and organologist (one who specializes in the history and development of musical instruments), she worked as a curator of a small musical-instrument museum for just over 10 years before leaving to pursue her own career as a photographer, writer, and musician.

Her 11-month solo exhibit, "Stagville: Black & White" was at the NC Museum of History for over 11 months and at the Museum of the Cape Fear for most of 2015. "Stagville: Black & White" is now part of the permanent collections in Wilson Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Now she working on a project about the the connections between the Scottish Highlands and North America, centered around the study of the life of Flora MacDonald. Her work can be seen in the gallery at Bull City Art & Frame Company and on her main website: www.brendascottarts.com


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