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by Bridget Sotsoy April. 14, 2017 222 views

The Wooden Clogs History & Buddhist Practice

The wooden clogs were footwear for the Chinese in the olden days, where we seldom see them now. The wooden clogs are now enlisted into the heritage broad for younger generations to studies or view the stories of the wooden clogs. The wooden clogs no longer became the footwear demand ever since the introduce of the modern footwear. When this unfashionable wooden clog got eliminated it became history. Every generation will start to forget the use of wooden clogs.

Looking at these wooden clogs now, make me thought of some Buddhist teaching, which I find it worth for sharing.

Just like studying/reciting Buddhist sūtra and practising Buddhist practice. When we stop reciting or practising the Buddhist sūtra and or Buddhist practice,  we tend to forget. Forgetting what Buddha had taught us, forgetting the route to Nirvana, forgetting the reason of Samsara. This forgetness will eventually slow down our wisdom of enlightenment.

Buddhist practice is an every minute thing, is a task that we should uphold because Buddhist practice is just the same as good moral ethics. The actions and words coming from us can impact us drastically.

In the Buddhist Sūtra, it had wisdom that could guide us from falling into the trap of the evil and this evil trap is the ignorance trap set by our self. In Buddhist practise, we are practising in eliminating this evil trap, because we knew that evil trap is leading us to the route of endless Samsara. We should end the route of Samsara and let Samsara be the history, not end Buddhist practise or Buddhist Sūtra.

We should understand that Buddhist practise is not an in trend action, we should treat Buddhist practise as education. Buddhist Sūtra and Buddhist practices are ways for us to end our suffering.

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