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by Brittanysaustria February. 07, 2014 1791 views

Well we arrived safely and have had many exhausting, overwhelming, and memorable experiences already in our first 4 days of being in Graz. We started out our trip with a bang and as soon as we dropped our bags off headed into the city. On our second day here, we decided to explore the city and get the insider's perspective from our Graz native friend, Linda. The tower you see is located in Castle Hill in Old City Graz. Linda told us that when the French were trying to take over Austria, the Austrians paid France to not destroy the tower. You can also see a bottle of pumpkin seed oil. During our adventures in Old City on Wednesday, we stopped in a olive oil and vinegar shop and bought the oil Austria is known for(according to Linda.) Travis and I use it for salads and it is pretty delicious. Another stop on Wednesday was in either the largest and/or oldest church in Austria (Linda couldn't remember which one of those two it was.) Either way, the church was gorgeous. For those of you from Burgin, the first thing Travis said was that Mrs. Shewmaker would be jealous that she was seeing it with us. The picture of the staircase wrapped around the pole is from that church. Linda told us that priest used to deliver their messages from that staircase/podium, but now they deliver it from the front of the church for the entire congregation. They still use the staircase/podium for small group readings/etc. You can also see a photo of the ‘island.’ It was built after Graz was named one of the most artsy cities in Europe. It is only open in the summer season and is a theater with a restaurant beneath it. As expected, Linda said mostly tourist use it because the prices at the restaurant are ridiculous. The last photo was taken at night and is of the art museum downtown. It was also built when Graz received the art award. Travis and I, along with another young married couple, went to an art exhibit last night at the art museum. It's a large attraction in Graz and is very oddly shaped. As you can see, at night the top of the building lights up and exhibits different light shows. Linda told us that some people take offense to the fact that many of the Graz citizens call the art museum the ‘Cow Stomach’ because of it's shape. The other girl we went to the exhibit with calls it the slug. If you want to look it up, just search Graz, Austria in Google photos and you'll see why I don't know how to describe it. Tomorrow is our first day that we will not be meeting with Linda and are solely dependent on ourselves. This will be interesting….

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