I Can Breathe Again

by Brittanysaustria February. 11, 2014 2047 views

After a mild-freak out last night. I decided to switch German classes in order to be in the same class as Travis. Now, we can study together at night and help each other if we are confused. I attended the new class this morning and am very happy I did so. The class is much more relaxed, students speak with each other instead of being in an awkward silence, and the teacher actually translated in English what she was saying in German. I feel like I am actually learning now and can breathe again because I know this class will be applicable to our stay here. The weather has been very dreary. Everyone I've spoken to from Europe says that they prefer snow over rain, because with rain you get wet and snow you don't get as wet. Obviously, I prefer the rain because the temperatures are higher. We haven't seen a blue sky since we landed in Graz. According to Linda that's normal and she describes this time of the year as gray; although, she did say that the forecast says we will actually see a blue sky for about 2 hours at some point this week. I'm hoping that's not during our class in the morning. Even though the weather is not the greatest, we have a pretty nice view of castle hill and a school yard from our flat/apartment. The picture you see is of In Graz everyone takes public transportation-even the little kids. On the way back from class today we saw 2 little boys traveling by bus individually, neither one of them could be more than 5 years old. Travis has figured his way around and mapped out some running routes. The other day he came back with pictures of a castle (Schloss Eggenberg) when he got back from his run. He's been very eager to find a gym to join, so today is the day for him to join and he's very excited. We went to the grocery for the first time by ourselves yesterday. It was somewhat difficult to figure out what things were, but Google Translate has become our best friend. A common breakfast item in Graz is fruit filled doughnuts- I'm all over that. Last week I had apricot filled doughnuts and so this week I'm trying strawberry. Everything is very expensive in the grocery store. The containers are smaller and less filled with food, but the prices are almost doubled.

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