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by Brittanysaustria February. 12, 2014 2406 views

I decided that today's post I will try spice things up and just compare things between here and back home.

1. Free School: All citizens in Austria and Slovenia(possibly in Europe) are give 6 semesters of courses at a university for absolutely free. If they can complete their degree in 6 semester then they just earned a degree without paying a dime. If they don't finish their degree in 6 semesters, then they start paying for it. Obviously, I don't know the disadvantages to this yet, but I suspect one is the lack of student activity facilities. Obviously the school buildings are extravagant, but I spent about 3 hours of my afternoon wandering around campus trying to find a fitness center and activities center.

We eventually found the fitness center. Unfortunately, as Linda told us earlier, it was not a great facility. We had to go through multiple levels of construction which included many small hallways with wires dangling through the dusty halls before we found the room that was considered the fitness center. Travis was pretty disappointed I believe, as the room was practically empty. It had 3 ‘weight-lifting-equipment-things’ in closet type areas on the sides of the room. We hope to find a suitable gym very soon. Travis just walked in from running and said he explored our building and found the ‘workout room. He was even less impressed with the building’s workout room than the school's… Apparently it too was hiding in a back closet of a back room of the basement. Whoever knows Travis knows that we need to find a gym ASAP.

Something else different about Graz than back home are the size of the doors. I guess it's just because each hallway has an elaborate ceiling, but the doors are absolutely huge. Travis can barely see out of the window pane of the door and I have to stand on my tippy toes to get a peak out.

Another difference from here and from back home is the school quad. Obviously this isn't a huge difference-but I think that both Bellarmine's and Graz's quads are beautiful. You can Graz's quad in the picture above. Little did when we took this photo that the gym we were searching for was right under our feet.

I'm sure there will be more things that I find to be different from back home, so stay tuned.

I have noticed that I am getting much more comfortable in the city and being around the people of Graz. I am starting to feel like I know what I'm doing when I ride the buses and walk through the streets. I guess I'm just finding my way around easier than I was a week ago. A week ago I was saying I would never feel comfortable to ride the bus from the university to our flat/apartment. But now, I believe I'd be okay with it. I would probably be paranoid and think someone was following me or something, but I do that in my own house in little Burgin too. I don't know if I'll ever get over that.

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