Blue Skies

by Brittanysaustria February. 13, 2014 1394 views

We had our German course this morning. I am getting to know a girl from our class named Maja fairly well. She is from Slovenia. We have been getting coffee or just talking during our breaks so today we found a little bakery on campus during our break. After class we helped one of the exchange students from the course with a few things around campus. Our first test in the class is tomorrow. We have one at the end of each week instead of only having a mid-term and a final. We are hoping to go on a small trip this weekend, but I'm not sure if we've found a destination yet. We're looking for either skiing or a nature area in the mountains. We may end up staying here in Graz and finding a park to explore or something along those lines. Today was the first pretty day we've had since we've gotten here-weather wise at least. Usually the everything is dark and all you see are gray clouds, but today we actually saw the blue sky. Everyone in the class was marveling over the fact that the sky was showing-we all missed the sky we once knew in our home countries.

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