Woche 1 Komplett (Week 1 Complete)

by Brittanysaustria February. 14, 2014 1415 views

We had another beautiful blue sky, sun-shining day today as we finished up our first week of German class. I feel like we've learned a good amount of basic phrases and hopefully will survive our first big adventure tomorrow. For Valentine's Weekend we booked our first Austrian Alps ski trip! We will be loaded the ski-bus and leaving the bus station at 7:00 am-that's 1:00 am your time. We will be skiing at Klippitztorl Ski Resort. I have only been snow skiing once before this a few years ago, so this will be a pretty large learning experience for me. Travis is very, very excited about the trip and is ready to get into the wide open spaces. He is still saying that he feels claustrophobic in the city. We have also signed up to go to a Graz hometown hockey game on Sunday with our german class. Our professor is very into hockey and so we are all meeting up to get to know each other more. We are supposed to get together a few times with the class and go get drinks at the bar. First, Travis and I don't drink so that's going to be water for the two of us. Second of all, it's very common for students and professors to meet up and get alcoholic drinks together. I know it's part of the culture and is normal here, but I'm just still in a little culture shock over that kind of field trip.

More interesting differences..

1. Snow Warnings- there are giant poles that lean up against the sides of buildings. They are to warn pedestrians of snow and ice that fall off the roof. We didn't know this for a day or so and just thought it was for construction.

2. We have to buy recyclable bags at the grocery store. They do not just give you plastic bags to carry your groceries in. I suppose as a green movement, all grocery stores make you buy a plastic bag from them to carry your purchases. You can bring those bags back and use them the next time you shop.

3. They have soft PEZ. Being the true PEZ lover that I am and considering I hadn't had hard PEZ in forever-I had to try the soft PEZ. They were not what I was hoping for. They were good- but definitely not at the quality level of the originals.

4. They sell McDonald's brand ketchup.

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