Klippitztorl Valentine's Weekend Ski Trip

by Brittanysaustria February. 15, 2014 1426 views

Well today was the big day. We had our first Austrian Alps Ski Experience. We loaded the ski bus this morning at 7 am and have been going strong ever since. The mountains are absolutely gorgeous. We decided to just start at the easy slope-that was anything but easy! Travis picked skiing right back up and quickly became the teacher for his sliding/rolling/spinning/upside-down/face-planting wife. I have to admit he was extremely patient with my clumsiness. I like to blame the scenery and just say I was too distracted by the beautiful mountains and that’s why I didn’t do so well with the skiing portion of the day. It took us about 1.5 hours to get down our first slope. I have found that ice is much friendlier to the skiers that are mostly on their butts while going down the slope. It makes for a much smoother descent and takes less energy.
We have made memories that will last a lifetime. I think we will mostly remember it because of our mishaps though. I don’t think any of us have time to read or write about the details of each experience- so here’s a list and brief description.
I got stuck in a snow drift… Yes, I skied straight into a snow drift and had a hard time retrieving myself. It took me about 2 or 3 minutes to paddle my way out of the snow enough to begin moving my legs and eventually wedge my skis out of the snow.
We fell of the ski lift… Travis and I had never used the ski lift that pulls you up the mountain as you stand and that was our only option at one of our stops. So we decided to try it out. That experience ended in us losing our balance half way up the hill and falling off the lift. This left us stranded on the side of the mountain without a trail to follow as fellow skiers were passing us on the lift. We figured our only option at that point was to crawl down the cliff/snow pile to a nearby slope. That slope ended up being a difficult level slope, so we continued crawling horizontally across the slope between skiers to another cliff/snow pile. On the bottom of the next cliff/snow pile there was a more manageable slope. Finally, we made it back to the bottom of the ski lift and successfully rode the much slower child’s ski lift.
There were many more mishaps including the loss of skis, poles etc. But I figured these types of mishaps are more typical-so I won’t embarrass Travis or me anymore.
After a few rounds of going back to the top of the mountain and skiing, sliding, and rolling down, I decided it was time for a break. The mountains were very windy and so they had to cut off the ski lift and start taking skiers up the mountain by snow mobile at this time. Travis continued to ski for an hour or so and explore a little more at his pace. I expected to meet up with his about an hour before the bus was supposed to leave so we could return our rentals, go to our locker, change, get food, and get to the bus on time. I started to worry about his when it turned 4:00 o’clock and the bus was supposed to leave in thirty minutes. Finally, he walked up in a rush with both of our skis and poles. He got lost on the other side of the mountain and was not sure on how to get back. He said he continued to follow the trail he was on and eventually got to where he needed to be. He made it back about 20 minutes before the bus was supposed to leave and we got back to our flat safely tonight.
We have had an unforgettable day and I’m sure we will be feeling it tomorrow.
Even after all of the mishaps, we had a great day on the slopes. The mishaps made for more laughs. Travis really enjoyed the skiing and I enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Today was a lot of fun and a definitely learning experience.

Oh and there's also a picture of a sandwich on here. Travis wanted me to take a picture of his first lamb sandwich. It had eggplant, carrots, radish, peppers, lettuce, lamb, cheese, and tomato.

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