Studying, Olive Bread, and Travel Planning

by Brittanysaustria February. 20, 2014 4027 views

Travis and I have continued to become more comfortable in the city. I rode the bus for the second time by myself today. Today after class Travis and I had a few errands to do and decided to stop at a refurbished bike shop. We found a bike that we can sell back for half price at the end of the semester. Travis is very excited about it because he can now be a little more independent when it comes to travel, instead of relying on a bus. So after his bus pass expires in one week, I will be completely alone while figuring out the bus system. If anything, this should give me some incentive to learn the bus maps. I think I'm going to just purchase a semester long bus pass, that way I won't have to be in the cold or rain and can carry groceries easier. We decided that it rains every night, because it is constantly wet here. It's either an inch or two of snow in the morning, slush, or puddles everywhere every day!
Above you can see a picture of the library at Uni Graz (University of Graz). It looks like something out of a movie; the picture doesn’t give the room justice. There are spiral staircases in the corners in order to get to the upper stacks as well as the many details throughout the room. There’s also a picture of olive bread. It tasted just like pizza bread to me, but Travis disagreed and liked to put jam and preserves on his.
We finished our last session of welcome week activities yesterday. They were absolutely miserable because after a three hour class we had to go to meetings until sometimes nine o’ clock at night. Finally, we had our afternoon back today and could adventure a little in the city. I signed up for an international cooking course taught by an Egyptian chef down the street from the school. The event is hosted by the international exchange student union. We are in the middle of deciding what activities and places would like to participate in with the organization and what other activities we want to do independently. There are so many options. Right now, we are deciding between the sports courses to sign up for. Travis is looking into canyoning, rock climbing, parkour, and a few other sports classes. I have been looking at paragliding. I would love to have the opportunity to paraglide in Austria; but, I am afraid I don’t trust my ability to stay conscious enough to allow myself to be in the air and completely in control of that kind of life threatening situation. Sign-ups are on Monday so we will have to decide by then.

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