Farmer's Market Fun

by Brittanysaustria February. 22, 2014 1441 views

Travis and I decided to take it easy this weekend and try to enjoy the city. Today we went around to a few of the outdoor farmer's markets, then went grocery shopping. We have found that everything is expensive here- but especially the food. When we first arrived to Graz and were driving to our flat in the cab, I remembered seeing an Aldi's sign. We later found out that the American Aldi's had an Austrian version of it's own named Hofer. So we decided to try and shop at Hofer to save some money. After about an hour or two of figuring out what everything was and getting it all together, we headed for the check out line. Because we can't speak or read German, grocery shopping is a challenge. We never know what we're buying. As we went to pay, the cash register lady started speaking to us in German but was acting like something was wrong. We asked for her to speak English and she began to explain to us that they would not accept our American cards. Of course, we hadn't been to the ATM yet. She told us to be back in ten minutes or she would put everything back on the shelves. So, we left the store and rushed to find an ATM. We walked into a hotel and were able to ask for directions to the nearest ATM. After a five minute walk, we realized that everything closes early on Saturday including the bank we had just found. So, we began walking around aimlessly trying to find another ATM in time to get back to the store. We finally found one and it was closed, but there was an ATM in the entry way we could use. Eventually, we made it back to the grocery store and the cart wasn't where we left it. We suspected she had put all of our groceries back on the shelves and we would have to put into Google Translate each one of their labels again. We decided to wait in line and ask just in case she had moved it somewhere else. Thankfully, she had locked it up in a closet and hadn't put everything away yet. We were able to pay and leave. Unfortunately after we got on the bus to head back to the flat, we realized we forgot a few staple items and had to head back into the Saturday craziness just minutes later.

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