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by Brittanysaustria February. 24, 2014 1379 views

We have been planning on taking sport classes over here with the sports institute for Graz University. We have been contemplating and deciding what courses to take since the day we got here. Finally, last night we sat down and decided what classes were possible for us to do. The office was supposed to open at 8:00 am, but we knew the classes would fill up fast so decided to get there to stand in line at 7:50. When we got there, there were over a thousand people lined up to get in the door. Apparently, there's a number system where you are supposed to take a number and wait for the number to be called. After we figured this out it was already 8:00 and our number was 1324. There were 1323 people ahead of us to sign up for the very small sized classes. The first 800 people are allowed to sign up within the first day(today), but then everyone else is given a time range to show up the next day for sign ups. We are now signed up to register for the courses from 10:30-11 tomorrow. Unfortunately, we can see online that the classes we were hoping to get into were already filled. Lesson one of the day was learned…. Our German course starts at 9 every day so we had about an hour to spare and try to get some paper work stuff done. Today is also the first day we could get our student ID cards, which is crucial for just about anything on campus. Not only are ID cards important on campus, but it is our proof that we are registered at the university. So without this proof we cannot buy semester long bus passes or activate or bank account. So we went to the office to pick our cards up and they have a very strict “we don't open until 9 am and will not answer any questions until then” policy. The problem with that policy is that our class is from 9-12:15 every week day. The office is open 9-12 every week day. So that was unsuccessful. I am in need of purchasing a four month bus pass for the rest of our stay, of course this requires printing a form to complete and scanning it back to the home office of the transportation department. Because Travis and I do not have student ID cards yet, we cannot print or scan on our own. We found someone to help us and let us pay him to print and scan off of his ID card. By this point it was almost 9 o'clock. We were pretty frustrated by the point because of the morning's disappointments already, so we decided that today could be used most efficiently if we showed up to class a little late so we could get our ID card. At this point, we went back up to the ID office and there was a rather large line waiting for them to open their doors. There were probably 30 people waiting for their ID cards, which took around ten minutes per person. We knew be waiting for a while, but thought it was necessary even though we'd be late. After over an hour we made it through the line and could get our cards. We got to the lady and she told me that for some reason instead of my picture on my account, there was a picture of Travis-which obviously wouldn't work for the photo ID. She told me I'd have to upload a picture and come back later. Luckily, I had a photo on a USB with me- but, she was adamant about not uploading it for me. She said I had to do it myself and she would not do it. So I gave in and it was Travis's turn. She pulled his file up and there was no picture of him either on the account. We asked if she would just save the picture that was on my account and put it on his account for him. NOPE-she wouldn't do that either. So, we were in need of photos to upload before we could get a card so we could activate the bank accounts. We decided it was most beneficial to take care of everything during the day when places were open and skip class. So then we headed to the computer lab. Thankfully, I found some decent photos on Facebook and could find a picture for me from that. I then downloaded Travis's photo from my account and emailed it to him, so he could upload it onto his account. After figuring out how to crop and upload on a German computer, we thought we were finally done. We went to make sure the photos were properly on the account. Travis's account looked great, but for some reason my account would not load my picture but instead was still Travis's face. After cropping and uploading many photos and many different ways, we gave up and decided we simply needed help. We went back to the info desk to stand in line again. When it was our turn, the guy asked for me to show him the problem. I pulled up my account and within the 30 minutes between the time I had logged up and the time I had logged back on, the correct photo had loaded. YAY! So, we looked like silly Americans-but I'm okay with that as long as we can be a little more independent and learn to print papers on our own again. We headed back for the ID office and stood a line again. We got back up to the same lady we had the last time we were there and she seemed to continue having problems with my card. She was making new cards and then throwing them away. Eventually, it worked and we did not have to fix anything with either of the cards. We had about one hour until our next meeting was supposed to start and our German class was ending. We wanted to speak to the professor and explain our situation as well as hope she would accept our previous night's homework. There was time to head to the bank and get our accounts activated, so we headed to Hauptbahnhof. We returned to campus about 10 minutes before class was ending and needed to find where our next meeting would be. We found that and headed towards our German course. Thankfully, our German professor understood and told us exactly how to get caught up for the next day's class. Unfortunately, by the time we could speak with her, we were already 15 minutes late for our next appointment. We did make it to that appointment though. After the meeting everything seemed to go rather smoothly, or normally for an average exchange student-with the exception of me getting turned around by myself while trying to find the correct bus stop. We have a few more meetings for the rest of the day and then it will be catch up time for the German class. All in all, we had a successful day-just a little hectic.

On the bright side, here's a picture of a new treat we have found. Their crispy/flaky little cookie stick things and are called Girelli. They are drizzled with melted sugar and then sprinkled with more sugar. Just my kind of snack!

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