Smooth Sailings... Almost

by Brittanysaustria February. 25, 2014 1466 views

Today has been a much more productive day for Travis and I. We started our day off right when we were finally able to watch our wedding video preview over breakfast. We were also able to make it to class and sign up for sports institute courses during our class break. I signed up for water aerobics, and Travis signed up for judo and basketball. He says he's nervous about the judo because he doesn't really know what to expect, but seems pretty excited too. We have decided to go on an international student's ski trip with the ESN group from the university. Sign ups were supposed to be starting tonight at 6:30. Considering our luck with the sport courses, we decided to show up early and see if there was a line already waiting after our class ended. Sure enough, there was a group of students, mostly from our class, waiting outside the door to sign up. This was 6 hours before the doors were going to be opening. Although, I guess it's appropriate to expect students to wait for six hours early for a weekend ski trip, when those same students also camp outside the administration building for an entire weekend in order to sign up for sports courses the next Monday. After seeing the group of people, we decided to split our separate ways so Travis could wait in line and I could get some errands done. This was my first adventure throughout the city on the buses by myself. I have gone from the school to the flat alone before, but today was a new experience. After the errands I went back to the flat to make some lunch and take it back to Travis so we could wait in line, eat, and study for the remaining hours. When I arrived, all of the students who were previously in line, were leaving the building. Apparently, the sign up was delayed for a week because the organization didn't have the exact amount of money the trip would cost calculated yet. So we'll be waiting in line for six hours next week for tickets. All in all, today was pretty productive and we enjoyed our time in the sunshine. Today was also the first day I was able to down grade to only wearing one layer of clothing instead of multiple layers. And I only had to wear a sweatshirt outside.This is an accomplishment. It's amazing what the sun can do when the clouds aren't in the way! We are meeting up with classmates and our professor tonight at a pub for dinner. Hopefully we can try some new Austrian food that I can share with you all tomorrow. Guten Tag!

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