International Food Experiences

by Brittanysaustria February. 27, 2014 1573 views

Well as I mentioned in the last entry, Travis and I went to dinner with our class the other night. It was delicious. I tried kasespatzle, which is similar to a dumpling but is about the size of a macaroni shell-then it was baked in cheese with bread crumbs on top. I loved it and it was extremely filling. Travis had a spinach and cheese strudel, which was also really good. It was like a casserole of predominantly spinach with some cheese and potato chunks here and there. We also had salads, which consisted of green beans, beets, a little lettuce, and corn.

The past couple days, Travis and I have been extremely busy wrapping up our German course. We had class yesterday and then had some errands to do. Last night, I was able to attend an international cooking class hosted by an Egyptian chef that owns his own restaurant, Café Global, here in Graz. It was extremely interesting to see the different habits of how he cooked. He told us that for whatever dish your cooking, at every step add more salt. So every dish had a lot of salt, but surprisingly it didn't seem salty as an end result. He had about 20 of us students watching, learning, and helping cook the meal for all of us. There were two courses. A vegetarian and meat-eater course. I can't remember exactly what we made, it was all named so oddly, but I do remember that the little doughnut balls are just basically deep fried dough that is soaked in lemon and sugar water. The food was delicious and it was definitely a good experience to have with other foreign exchange students at Graz.

Today, Travis and I had our last lecture in our German course. Tomorrow is our final, so we have a lot of studying to do tonight. We have a written and oral final. The written final should be the most difficult. The oral final was pretty difficult to plan because we had to write a skit with a group of people from our class. This was a little difficult because of the minor language barriers and culture differences between some of us in the group, but it all worked out pretty well in the end.

I woke up this morning with some type of allergic reaction. My eyes were like marshmallows. At first, I thought it was the new Austrian contact solution, but I now think it's my new make up remover because they flare up and get swollen and itchy when I use it.

On Saturday morning, I am taking advantage of the opportunity to go to Venice, Italy! I am soo, soo excited. I will be making this a girl's trip and going with a girl from my German class. It's the Festival of Venice this weekend(the mardi gras of Italy) . Everyone dresses up in costumes and wears masks around the city. It's going to be such a great adventure and cultural experience. I'm obviously looking forward to it quite a bit. It's going to be a very long day because Travis and I will have to bike/run to where we meet the bus, because the public transport doesn't run at 4 in the morning. The bus leaves at 4:45 am! We get to Venice around 9 am and leave at 9 pm. We will get back to Graz around 11 pm here. It'll be a long day, but great day I'm sure.

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