Kaprun Day 2

by Brittanysaustria March. 26, 2014 1165 views

We got up at 6:30 am on Saturday for a full day of skiing. I planned to relearn how to ski with a few other girls from Graz (Hannah and Alex.) Hannah and Alex are roommates and Alex is actually from Bellarmine too. Orjan, another friend from our German class, offered to help us girls learn the basics of skiing. Even though I've been a couple times before, one was in Ohio (which is flat compared to Austria) and the other was at Klippitztorl (which is NOT flat at all!) So I needed to relearn the basics and just figure it all out again. After Orjan told us a few tricks, Hannah and I took off and really enjoyed skiing from the very beginning. We started on the easiest slope and it really was a huge difference from Klippitztorl. Because there were some relatively flat areas, we were able to learn the basics at our own pace and not be thrown off the side of the cliff and told to sky. Orjan told us that we needed to act like we were literally flying and lift our arms into the air, so we (looking ridiculous) did so- and it actually worked! Orjan stayed with Alex and helped her learn a little more while Hannah and I went off on our own and kept practicing our new skills. After a while we met up with Travis and he took us on some of the more difficult (still technically rated easy) slopes. These included much higher slopes and rougher terrain than we were used to, but we safely and proudly made it down on our feet. We found an igloo in while venturing the new slopes. The igloo had a lounge area with a fake fireplace in one room, an entire car sitting in a different room, and a bar in the third room. It was a huge igloo and definitely a cool experience. After a few slopes with us, Travis decided to try some of the more difficult slopes again, so Hannah and I met up with Orjan and Alex for a lunch break. After Lunch we did a few more slopes and called it a day at 4:00 pm because the slopes were closing. After drying off and getting back to the hotel, we had dinner then went exploring the town for a few minutes. We found a beautiful church and cemetery as well as little specialty shops.

This is the first room in the igloo which has ice chairs that have bears fur blankets draped over them so visitors can drink hot cocoa and socialize around the ‘fire.’

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