Kaprun Day 3

by Brittanysaustria March. 27, 2014 2809 views

On Sunday, Travis and I decided to ski together a little more, so we did the more difficult (still rated easy) slopes a couple more times and then Travis believe I could advance to the intermediate slope at the top of the mountain. So we went up the mountain and to the intermediate slope. On the second day we had a ton of snow and absolutely no visibility! The slope received 40 centimeters (according to Travis that’s around 20 inches) of snow overnight, and it continued to snow hard all day! So trying the more difficult slopes was easier, in my opinion, because it forced me to take one step at a time simply because I couldn’t see more than one step in front of me. The slope was not as bad as I expected and I really enjoyed the challenge. I didn’t even fall going down it the first time. After this slope we tried the others a few more times and Travis and I went our own ways for a few minutes so he could do the more difficult slopes again. We met up again for one last run before the end of the day and tried the intermediate slope again. Because it was snowing sooo hard when we got up to the top of the mountain again, the snow was up to our hips. This is no exaggeration! By the time we got down the middle and bottom of the mountain the snow was still to our knees but was a little more manageable. I fell down multiple times on this trip because it was so hard to keep myself standing while pushing through the many pounds of snow. We both made it down the slope safely and after the intense arm and core workout, we were ready to call it a day.
The trip was amazing and we really enjoyed our time. I was very nervous about it at first because of my back problems, but my back held out and didn’t bother me at all thanks to my back brace. We can both now say that we enjoy snow skiing.

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