An Aphrodisiac's Obsession

by Brittany Tobin March. 10, 2017 290 views

Apparently, the Romans worshipped apples as an aphrodisiac. I think I'll worship oysters.

Growing up around the Gulf Coast of Florida, gorgeous seafood has always been plentiful in my life. Since I was a little girl, I have loved anything that you could fish from the ocean. Shrimp in particular.

I have fond memories of family fishing trips to the Florida Keys during the summer. We would wake up before the sunrise and trek off-shore to fish for the day. We would return covered in sea salt and kissed by the sun. If it were a lucky day, we would also return with a cooler full of fresh fish. This is where it all began.

As an adult, I have developed a love for slurping raw oysters straight from the half-shell. Who needs a pearl when you have a juicy oyster!? Amiright? After living in the Destin area and now the Flora-Bama state line, I have tasted some of the best oysters that the Gulf Coast has to offer.

Oyster season is now officially in full swing and I do believe I hear these libido-boosting beauties calling my name.

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