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“Queen: There is a Willow growes aslant a Brooke, That shewes his hore leaues in the glassie streame: There with fantasticke Garlands did she come, Of…

Me taking her photo, with the fingers of my friend Kata, as Avalon took the photo a second later =))) [photoblog.com]

Other participants (look at today's entry) CathyB [photoblog.com] Girafferacing [photoblog.com] Jarvo [photoblog.com] KellyBee322 [photoblog.com] Lynda…

Tony, Amy, Sydney, and I made a late afternoon trip to the beach. A fun time was had by all, though “Papa Newsh” had the hardest workout! :)

1&2. 05.06.07–> action shots of Martin Johnson. 3 05.06.07–>sweet shot of Forrest Kline. Good times.
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