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On my local bush walk this morning I decided to stop being lazy and to change lenses occasionally instead of just relying on my trusty everyday zoom.

A hike through national park at Crosslands on a gloomy last day of 2020 sounded appropriate, as we hopefully cross over to a more positive time in 2021.

Kids might be disappointed to find no pool full of jellybeans, but a beautiful natural pool shaped like a jellybean in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

I've lived in Sydney for decades but this beautiful place was new to me. Let me share my latest discovery from my home town.

I have the good fortune of living adjacent to a national park in Sydney. The bushland changes markedly season to season, making it endlessly fascinating for…

Brisbane city from the Mount Gravatt Lookout. I grew up and have lived most of my life in this amazing city, but never realised this vantage point on the south…
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