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Seriously backdating photos to get some of the old Japan shots on the blog. Dates are arbitrary, at best. These photos were all taken in Tokyo.

Spring is one of the nicest times of the year in Korea. Right now the trees are full of cherry blossoms, and the magnolia are blooming

Today dawned bright and sunny with many new blossoms to enjoy in the yard. Just down the street is a HUGE weeping cherry tree that is magnificent for its brief…

Hanami season has just started. We, Japanese people love this. We see this every year, and never tired of it. This is one of the good thing to live in Japan.

there are so many kinds of cherry blossoms! some of them don't look like it, but it is cherry blossoms ;)

I was sent home sick yesterday, and the sick leave continues until today. This has happened twice within a week! The doctor thinks I didn't get enough water and…
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