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So many lines in this photo that I was forunate to take in September last year at dusk on the Nazareth Campus.

Shapes & Sizes I really like the shape of our dining room lamp. We don't really like it as a lamp, nut theres just something about those waves and curves.

Ok maybe this isn't exactly a curve, more of an angle, but it's as close as I could come to curve at this time :)

This was taken from the trike at a sharp curve on a steep road in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The mirror is there so you can see if another car is coming from…

Today was a bank holiday (woohoo), but I kept busy.. I had a photosession in the morning, met three of my friends in the afternoon, and went to zumba in the…

These are objects which surround us everyday and most of the time, we just never pay any attention to them.