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46/365. A rainbow seen today from where I live. I am going to England tomorrow to visit my aunt for 5 days and hope to take a lot of pictures over there :-)

44/365.For a single time, here is a picture that has not been taken today.I took this photo in 2015. For here in Denmark we have today lost a very popular…

22/365.I went to the country this afternoon with my dog ​​and my camera :-). My dog, after all, is very well (his lost eye) and he enjoyed sniffing around…

16/365.Took a short walk at the beach today and shot this picture of stone with long shutter speed

15/365. Been on a trip with a photo friend today and he showed me a place with little green frogs ( Hyla arborea ), which I was very fond of :-)

1/365. Today is the world fotography day 2018 and I have decided to give myself the challenge of taking and uploading a picture per. day the next year.

Blue & Green The warm summer breeze on our skin as we casually walk to the coast to enjoy the setting sun near the old castle. I love this life.
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