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Created these a while back using various plugins for Photoshop Elements. Do not remember which ones - anyway, they were fun to do.

An august dusk, in the little village of Villelongue-del-monts, in the french catalan province of Pyrenees orientales.

Practising with aperture and other settings to manipulate with depth of field. Ideally need to invest in a prime lens.

This was an incredibly hard photo for me. I know it is not exactly what it should be, put since I only have my IPhone it was the best I could come up with.

Mince Pies Technical Details Date:  21/11/2016 Time: 18:14 pm Camera Model: Nikon D330 Lens: 18-55mm Lens Focal Length: 24mm Aperture: ISO-5080 Exposure:…
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