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Out for a walk and it's raining so I done a quick portrait of Misty in the car before we ventured out.

A few days later and I was trying to get a portrait of Misty using a torch for a light... I really need to buy rechargeable batteries for my flashgun.

Getting some nice outdoor shots today of both Misty and Toby, but I thought I would select this one for today.

I tried to capture little details like Misty's fur, again not great light which made it hard to focus correctly.

I forgot to take a photo for 3 days! I don't know how it happened. This was the only photo I remotely liked on this day.

The 5th March was also skipped. I'm not taking very many photo's that I like that the minute, this is one that I liked from the 6th March.

I hated everything for the 3rd March, so I deleted it all and this was the only one I liked from the 4th march.
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