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Ang tunay na kaibigan ay yung sinasamahan ka sa mga kalokohan. Hindi yung linalait sa likoran. #BeastFriends

In the depth of your hopes and desires lies your silent knowledge of the beyond… (Just Dreaming My Dreams [youtube.com] …)

Well, this wasn't supposed to be the shot for the day. In my mind, I had today all planned out… 182.5 is 1/2 of 365 and today's post was supposed to be…

It is a beautiful thing when the paths of two people cross at the right time and place. It's not so much of a crossing as it is a convergence~a point where…

CDQ [i145.photobucket.com] w piątek. Grobexy [hipernet24.pl] w sobotę a dziś po prostu. horror.com.pl [horror.com.pl]

just when i thought love is forever after i've given all my best & my utmost loyalty… do i deserve to end here? ~ so says the barrow
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