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Full bins at the Bulk Barn. I've been using my camera daily, but life got in the way of posting here. Hopefully, I'm back and playing catch up.

I don’t believe another sea lion could have found a spot on this buoy. Loved to have seen one hop aboard,, Juneau, Alaska

Chicago's streets are full any time day or night. I experimented with long exposures and this was the best result of that cold night.

Every year Rethink Church does a photo a day challenge for the season of Lent. I have tried many time to get up with challenge and fail part way through. Maybe…

Simple and bright, the snow moon is bigger and brighter than ever. This rare sight is one of three special moon events in 2019. Tonight's moon will be its…

Every time I take a picture of the moon with my zoom lens I think, "This is ok, but maybe I should drop $200 on a better lens and try again."

“If ever you are feeling lonely… Just look at the moon… Somewhere out there… Someone… Is looking at it too…” At the same moon.
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