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It has been quite enjoyable lately with the SOOC images or at best limiting the development to In-Camera/In-Phone tools. Adjust the white balance here, change…

Our little guy don’t much like riding in the car when it’s dark. So, his aunt bought him a glow in the dark balloon. He really thought that it was fun and it…

Sunrise between the Turbines. It took just a few seconds before the sun was fully up, had I known I would have captured this on video.

Sunset Silhouette, this picture was taken last night. The glow in the sky was quite amazing making all the surroundings look really dramatic.

A misty start to yesterday morning with the dog. There was a real orange glow in the sky. Meg did allow me to stop on our walk to capture this shot.

Barnsley sunset picture taken in South Yorkshire England last night. Looks as though there is a fire on the horizon.

Cudworth Sunset picture was used last night by ITV Calendar News in the UK to compliment their Weather Report.

September Sunset picture was taken a couple of nights ago in South Yorkshire England. The warm glow reflected on all of the adjacent buildings.

Canada Geese at Sunset this picture was used by BBC TV to compliment their Weather Report, it was also Editors Pick on their Website.

Cudworth Sunset. Picture was taken a couple of nights ago. With the onset of Autumn hopefully I will be able to capture many more of these.

This picture was taken a couple of nights ago just as the sun had almost gone down. It is surprising how the glow really gives the whole area such an amazing…

My challenge for May was to incorporate neon lights. I have always loved neon, and low light photography has always been a challenge for me, so I wanted to do a…

Every now and again we get a very spectacular sunset. This was that one time. Picture was taken from my back garden in South Yorkshire England UK.

Picture was taken a few days ago in Cudworth South Yorkshire England UK. It had been a reasonable day with a fair amount of sunshine.

Barnsley is a large town in South Yorkshire, England, located halfway between Leeds and Sheffield. Historically in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

when i see those stones i realized how pretty is this! it's a natural color you can see when it's broke and part of many from one! sometimes broken is pretty!

This picture was used last night by ITV Calendar News in the UK to compliment their Weather Report.

Seed Heads in Winter. They always look their best at this time of the year. The low sunlight in the sky gives them a warm glow.
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