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This highly contrasted image was taken on a hot summer day on the Greek Island of Thira. I added an artist twist by theming using cubisme digital texturing.

OK, so you may have thought this was a photo of the famous theatre at Epidaurus, Greece. I can certainly understand how you reached that conclusion.

We read in more than one place that Falarsarna, western Crete, had sunsets `better than Santorini'. We decided to put it to the test.

We made a late decision to veer off track to the rugged Gramvousa Peninsula in Crete - it turned out to be a great call.

The beautiful town of Chania in Crete was a revelation of light and colour when we visited in October.

You've probably never heard of Dilofo - just a speck on the map, a tiny, near-deserted town in the Zagori region of Greece - and that's why we loved it.

Much-photographed places like Meteora always throw up a challenge - how can I possibly offer any new perspectives? Plus weather wasn't ideal. Anyway, enough…
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