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Performed in the Pavilion at Buck's Rock Creative & Performing Arts Camp during Festival. Photos by Allie D.

Performed in the Actor's Studio at Buck's Rock Creative & Performing Arts Camp by the Clown shop. Photos by Jeff O.

Tuesday night improv performances [impatient.ca] in Toronto. Improv challenges me to get out of my head and take chances. I get to experiment with different…

Weekly improv competition, Cage Match, held at Comedy Bar in Toronto and hosted by the Impatient Theatre Company [impatient.ca].

Teams of improvisers compete in 20 minute sets. This weekly event at Comedy Bar [comedybar.ca] is hosted by Impatient Theatre Company [impatient.ca].

So you know that pirate plunder I showed you yesterday? I also mentioned that there was a bag of random gear available that we could have chosen. Included in…

I'm still at my offsite training, and after a long day of thinking about divisional finance, we had a team trivia night in the bar. The winners of the trivia…
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