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The legendary Sunday market in Kashgar is possibly the most chaotic assault on the senses in such a short space of time I've had. Every sense is assailed and…

More people shots from Kashgar - this time in the colourful main bazaar. I focused on the fabrics area as that was just so full of colour.

I took more “people” pics in Kashgar than I think I have taken anywhere else… so I'll impose them on you over a few days :-)

Time for a change of feel. We went over the border into China (after interminable delays at three Chinese checkpoints) and drove down to Kashgar. These are…

The animal bazaar and the Sunday bazaar in Kashgar, plus a trip out to Upal and the resting place of Mahmud al-Kasghari, creator of the first Turkic dictionary.

Kazakh yurts on the way to Karakuli Lake - outside Kashgar, Xinjiang Province, China. This photo was taken from a moving car. September 2006
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