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Making my own coffee from scratch (well almost) and mastering the latte art in order to make the perfect cappuccino... ...what can possibly go wrong 😱 Having…

Whenever I am visiting at my sister's house we enjoy our drinks!!! Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!….

I'm eventually going to figure this stuff out…starting to look more artistic and less like blobs so we're getting somewhere!

Today I was at a cute little coffee shop, and shot this picture. I decided to make Thank You notes out of it.

It's that time of year. Even though it's not hot, or even warm, for that matter, it's June. June means summer, even if the weather isn't compliant. It's…

It's that time again, I made up some of my cold pressed espresso, via the Toddy Maker. Mmm. So good!

This was one of my few Lattes that looks pretty. I guess this set is kinda lame, but I have been trying so hard to make pretty Lattes.
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